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Inspired by Slimepuppy

I want to set up a debate right here, right now. This crazy European said that romantic comedies were "a genre which I generally find to be one of the lowest forms of humour". Although I generally agree with this erudite, I find that many other genres, how shall I say it, SUCK ASS. Take, for example, the culture clash movies, i.e. every Jackie Chan movies(Chinese vs. any other culture) or Black vs. White. Another bad movie to contest is the Meathead genre The 007 series has delved into those constant explosions and gore type things. I wont pretend that movies like "XXX" with Vin Deisel although I wish they have never been made. So I guess I should define the question. What movie genre is the lowest of the low? Support your genre with at least three movies.
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