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must_think's Journal

Movies that necessitate thinking
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you don't have to read my info, but please read the rules before you join

This is a celebration of movies that require you to think, that challenge your conceptions of life and society, the rare movie that stays with you hour after hour of its conclusion.

This community is a place where you can write and read reccommendations of movies that make you think, where you can ask questions you felt were left unanswered by a movie like this, where you can post ideas for a movie script....essentially, you can post absolutely anything so long as it relates to movies that necessitate thinking.


1. This community is about movies that challenge you and amaze you. Please do not post things about movies that obviously do not do this.

2. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I encourage you to share your opinion when you disagree with someone's post so long as you don't start a flame war.

3. Extremely long posts, and spoilers of movies must be kept behind lj cut. If someone posts a spoiler in this journal, their post may be deleted without warning.

4. This is not the place to ask for codes. If you ask for a code in my community I will delete your post.

And on that note, have fun and start posting!